Simple, unique and high quality
web/graphic solutions


Internet is a “sine qua non” of our age. Therefore by optimally designing we aim to add value and power to your business in the Internet world.

All kind of web site designs including blogs and social media pages such as in FaceBook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Blogger, WordPress, Pinterest and also graphic design are our basic services. We first carefully listen to you and implement the proper solutions which are correct, simple, fast and qualified to response your needs best. In this context, we introduce the utilities below;

  • Web site designs and applications
  • Web site maintenance and management, improvements
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google adwords consultancy
  • Social media works
  • Corporate identity design
  • Graphic solutions
  • Photography (Click here to browse our portfolio.)

On the other hand, “Internet content” has become a crucial issue of all times. Everyone puts in an appearance on the Internet in a way. But the general view is “chaotic”, just like the traffic jam in big-cities. So that, creating content in appropriate with the corporate culture, the business goals, the desired “perception” and covers the target audiences providing interactive communication on Internet; requires special knowledge and experience. On the other hand, “content” has to be in line with the global and local legal requirements. This requires specifically written legal texts for web sites. So, we offer those special services within this context, through two experienced friends of ours who are living in Istanbul for the time being and co-operating with us for years:

  • Content consultancy
  • Legal infrastructure for websites
  • -Internet law related- Legal consultancy
  • Perception management and “concept” building
  • Management Consultancy (mainly on “tourism and hospitality”)