In fact, ours is a story of a life journey,
starting from Istanbul towards Kas...

About Us

We both were born and had grown up in Istanbul. One of us studied psychological counseling and labor economics and industrial relations did the other. Then we have joined and started to come up in business life. We were the “marketing” and the “retail accounts” managers of a multinational company, within a very intense work pressure. On the other hand, saying that “Istanbul is more and more being a real metropolitan city with heavy traffic jam, if only we could relocate and continue our life in a calm, coastal town”, we were always dreaming... Then instead of dreaming, we decided to take action and make realised our plans. We have left our titles, desks, corporately working, the big city in August 2011 and moved to Kas, nearby Mediterranean Sea, where we spent most of our previous holidays and always desired to live in.

Now, we have been working as home/office free-lancers here in Kas. We made communing with nature the basic principle in our life. We love animals. We enjoy eating fresh fruits which grow in our garden, having long walks on the historical Lycian way and swimming in the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranen and Turkey. What’s more we have been witnessing with zest that all those things are more and more becoming the daily routines of our life.

“Web designing” and “social media” works which we used to perform on as a hobby and a matter of social responsibility 10 years ago, have become our career right now. We have gathered our theory and practise accumulated in the fields of information and communication technologies as well as sales and marketing areas then established the “Mavi-Martı’’ (“Blue-Seagull” in Turkish) up!

As we told above, we love simply and calm living, breathing clean air, having natural food, adequacy of just 5 minutes of time to get out for any appointment, being away from complexity and uproar. We reflect the same simplicity and serenity to our web sites which we design here for the Internet communication needs of our clients. In fact, most of the web sites and social media pages are like a mirror of a big city life which is crowded, complex and busy… What we try to do is to create plain, serene designs that let the audience to understand what it says within less than 5 minutes, pleasant, therefore “functional” web projects.

This approach makes not only our clients satisfied but also does their clients as well as Mavi Martı team!